(A)   Committee hearings shall be conducted by the entire Fair Housing Committee, or a quorum thereof, upon due and reasonable notice to all parties. The Committee shall have power to administer oaths and to take sworn testimony. Any party alleged to have violated this article shall be entitled to be represented by counsel and shall have the right to call witnesses on his or her own behalf and to cross-examine witnesses.
   (B)   At the conclusion of any hearing, the Committee shall render to the Village President and Board of Trustees a written report with recommendations, which shall also be served by mail upon the complainant and the party or parties charged. No report shall be delayed more than 60 days after the first issuance of notice for commencement of a hearing.
   (C)   If the Fair Housing Committee determines that a grievance exists, or if the complaint is settled by conciliation, then, upon recommendation of the committee, the filing fee of $25 shall be refunded. However, if no grievance exists, or the charges of such complaint are not sustained, the filing fee shall not be refunded.