§ 15-6-8 POWERS; DUTIES.
   The ad hoc Fair Housing Committee shall have and exercise the following duties and powers:
   (A)   Investigate allegations and complaints of discrimination in housing as a result of the race, color or religion or national origin of any person seeking housing within the village. Any complaint or allegation of discrimination shall be made in writing to the corporate authorities of the village and shall fully set forth circumstances of the alleged violation and the source of all information upon which the complaint is based, including the names and addresses of all complainants. A copy of such written complaint shall be mailed to the party alleged to be engaging in housing discrimination;
   (B)   Report to the corporate authorities no later than 30 days from the date the Committee was appointed, the Committee’s results of its investigation regarding housing discrimination and any recommendations which the Committee wishes to make therefor; and
   (C)   Any other duties and powers which are granted by the Village President with the consent and approval of the Board of Trustees when the ad hoc Fair Housing Committee is created or at any time during its existence.