For the purpose of enforcing this code of ordinances, the Subdivision Code, Zoning Code and Building Construction and Maintenance Codes of the village, the following employees shall be vested with police powers in the enforcement of code compliance and issuance of citations for ordinance violations: Community Service Technicians, Engineering Services Director, Assistant Village Engineer, Civil Engineer II, Stormwater Administrator, Engineering Inspectors, Community Development Director, Planning and Economic Development Manager, Development Services Manager, Code Professionals, Public Works Director and Superintendent of Operations. For the purpose of enforcing the Fire Code, the above officials and employees shall all be vested with police powers as shall employees of the Carol Stream Fire Protection District acting under an intergovernmental agreement with the village.
(Ord. 2009-05-20, passed 5-4-2009; Ord. 2018-07-29, passed 7-16-2018)