(A)   Any person desirous of obtaining a permit required by this article shall make application therefor to the village on a form provided. Such application shall be accompanied by a fee of $10 and plans, calculations and specifications showing the proposed alteration and the effect such alteration will have upon existing ditches, drains, drainage structures and other properties. The application shall be transmitted to the Village Manager, who shall process the application using such village personnel as shall be necessary to reach a decision upon whether the permit shall be granted. If the Village Manager determines that an analysis of the application is required by the Village Engineer, he or she shall collect in advance from the applicant a permit fee, which shall equal the estimate of costs presented by the Engineer to review the application. If the services of the Village Engineer are not required, the permit shall be processed without further charge. The Village Manager, after such review and after considering the standards hereinafter set forth in this article, shall determine whether the permit shall be issued.
   (B)   No permit shall be issued for any proposed alteration which will:
      (1)   Increase the amount or rate, or adversely affect the quality, of surface water draining onto other properties;
      (2)   Damage other properties; or
      (3)   Does not conform to the general drainage law of the state.
   (C)   Any person denied a permit under this section shall have the right to appeal such denial to the Village Board.