(A)   The Village Manager is authorized to revoke a permit issued under the provisions of this code or to refuse to issue a new permit when it is found by inspection or otherwise that there has been a false statement or misrepresentation as to the material facts in the application or construction documents on which the permit or approval was based including, but not limited to, any one of the following:
      (1)   The permit is intended to be or is used for a location or establishment other than that for which it was issued;
      (2)   The permit is intended to be or is used for a condition or activity other than that listed in the permit;
      (3)   Conditions and limitations set forth in the permit have been violated;
      (4)   There have been any false statements or misrepresentations as to the material fact in the application for permit or plans submitted or a condition of the permit;
      (5)   The permit is intended to be or is used by a different person or firm than the name for which it was issued;
      (6)   The permittee failed, refused or neglected to comply with orders or notices duly served in accordance with the provisions of this code within the time provided therein; and
      (7)   The permit was issued in error or in violation of an ordinance, regulation or this code.
   (B)   The village is authorized to limit the quantity of explosives, explosive materials or fireworks permitted at a given location. No person, possessing a permit for storage of explosives at any place, shall keep or store an amount greater than authorized in such permit. Only the kind of explosives specified in such a permit shall be kept or stored. The permit holder shall follow directions from the Village Police Department or the Fire Protection District in the set-up or performance of the pyrotechnic fireworks.
(Ord. 2010-03-09, passed 3-15-2010)