(A)   Whenever in this code a minimum but not maximum fine or penalty is imposed, the court may, in its discretion, fine the offender any sum exceeding the minimum fine or penalty, but not exceeding $750.
   (B)   Whenever in this code the doing of any action or the omission to do any act constitutes a breach of any section or provision of this code, and there shall be no fine or penalty declared for such breach, any person who shall be convicted of any such breach shall be fined not more than $750 for each offense. Many sections of this code will not state a specific penalty and it is the intent of the structure of this code that the penalty set forth herein shall apply. The Prosecuting Officer may suggest a specific penalty in an amount less than $750.
   (C)   Whenever the violation of a provision of any ordinance of the village would entitle the village to recover a fine, it shall not be necessary that such ordinance specifically say that a penalty is recoverable or specify the amount of such penalty; in all of such cases, the penalty provision of this section shall be applicable and included automatically in such ordinance.
   (D)   In addition to, or in lieu of, any fine or penalty which may be imposed for violation of an ordinance of the village, a disposition of supervision may be entered by the court upon a plea of guilty or a stipulation by the defendant of the facts supporting the charge, or a finding of guilty. Pursuant to such disposition of supervision, the court may defer further proceedings and the imposition of a sentence, and enter an order for supervision of the defendant.
   (E)   SUPERVISION means a disposition of conditional and revocable release without probationary supervision, but under such conditions and reporting requirements as are imposed by the court, at the successful conclusion of which disposition the defendant is discharged and a judgment dismissing the charges is entered.
   (F)   Each day any violation of any provision of this code, or of any ordinance, shall continue, shall constitute a separate offense.
   Index of minimum fines, see § 15-4-5