(A)   Each license issued pursuant to this article shall expire one year from the date of issuance and may be renewed by making application as provided in this section. Application for renewal shall be made no more than 90 days and no less than 28 days before the expiration date. If application is made less than 28 days before the expiration date, the license will not be extended pending a decision on the application, but will expire on its normal expiration date.
   (B)   An application for renewal of a sexually oriented business license or sexually oriented business employee license shall be submitted to the municipality’s Clerk on a form provided by the Enforcement Officer. The renewal application may request and the applicant shall provide such information as reasonably necessary to enable the municipality to determine whether the applicant meets the qualifications established in this article. The completed renewal application shall describe any changes or additions to, or deletions from, the information provided in the applicant’s initial license application. The completed renewal application shall be accompanied by copies of any document or material submitted in connection with the initial license application that has been revised or requires revision to reflect any change in circumstances or conditions. Sketches or diagrams submitted with an initial sexually oriented business license application may be resubmitted with subsequent renewal applications; provided that, the applicant certifies in writing that the sketch or diagram still depicts the premises accurately.
   (C)   The Enforcement Officer shall make the determination concerning the approval of license renewals based on the same criteria and using the same procedures used to evaluate applications for new licenses under this article.
   (D)   The Enforcement Officer shall advise the applicant in writing of the reasons for any renewal denial, and shall issue the written renewal denial on the applicant in the same manner as a denial of an initial application.
   (E)   When the Enforcement Officer denies an application for renewal of a license, the applicant shall not be issued another license for one year from the date of denial.
(Ord. 2000-10-80, passed 10-2-2000; Ord. 2002-05-26, passed 5-20-2002)