(A)   An application for a sexually oriented business employee license shall be submitted to the municipality’s Clerk on a form provided by the Enforcement Officer. The application may request and the applicant shall provide such information as reasonably necessary (including fingerprints) to enable the municipality to determine whether the applicant meets the qualifications established in this article.
   (B)   An application for a sexually oriented business employee license shall be completed according to the instructions of the application form, signed by the applicant under oath that the information contained therein is true, and shall require the following:
      (1)   State the applicant’s name and any other names (including “stage” names) or aliases used by the applicant;
      (2)   State the applicant’s date and place of birth;
      (3)   State the applicant’s height, weight and hair and eye color;
      (4)   Submit a recent photograph of the applicant which clearly shows the applicant’s face;
      (5)   Submit the applicant’s fingerprints, recorded by the Police Department;
      (6)   Describe and identify the location of any tattoos on the applicant’s face, arms, legs or hands, or any other anatomical area that normally would be visible when the applicant is on the premises of the proposed sexually oriented business;
      (7)   State the applicant’s present residence address and telephone number;
      (8)   State the applicant’s present and intended business address and telephone number, identifying the sexually oriented business at which the applicant intends employment;
      (9)   State the applicant’s driver’s license number;
      (10)   Submit proof that the applicant is at least 18 years old;
      (11)   Provide a statement detailing the sexually oriented business employee license history of the applicant for the five years immediately preceding the date of the filing of the application, including whether such applicant previously operated or is seeking to operate a sexually oriented business, in this or any other jurisdiction, and whether the applicant has ever had a sexually oriented business license or a sexually oriented business employee license, permit or authorization to do business denied, revoked or suspended by this or any other jurisdiction. In the event of any such denial, revocation or suspension, state the name of the issuing or denying jurisdiction and describe in full the reason for the denial, revocation or suspension. Attach a copy of any order of denial, revocation or suspension; and
      (12)   State whether the applicant has been convicted of a specified criminal activity and, if so, the specified criminal activity involved and the date, place and jurisdiction of each such conviction, and the date of release from confinement, if any, for such conviction.
(Ord. 2000-10-80, passed 10-2-2000; Ord. 2002-05-26, passed 5-20-2002)