In addition to the powers of the Village President to suspend or revoke a tobacco products license, the Village President may instead levy a fine on the licensee. The fine imposed shall not be less than $50, nor more than $750, for each violation. Each day on which a violation continues shall constitute a separate offense. No such fine shall be imposed, however, unless, after a hearing conducted by the Village President, with at least seven days prior notice, the Village President shall determine that a provision of this code or of the state statutes has been violated. The advance notice provision shall begin following delivery by certified mail or by personal service. The Village President shall, within seven days after the hearing, if he or she determines that the licensee should be fined, state the reason for such determination in a written order and the amount of the fine and shall serve a copy of such order upon the licensee within seven days after the order has been entered.
(Ord. 92-11-119, passed 11-10-1992)