(A)   It shall be unlawful for any person to engage in solicitation without securing a required permit or to solicit in a manner inconsistent with the issuance of the permit.
   (B)   Every person desiring to engage in solicitation, as defined in this article, from persons in residences, on streets, highways or sidewalks located in the village, except for a merchant conducting a sale on the sidewalk as permitted under the village’s Zoning Code, is hereby required to make written application for a solicitation permit as hereinafter provided, and obtain such permit prior to engaging in solicitation within the village.
   (C)   Application for solicitation permits shall be made upon a form provided by, and shall be submitted to, the Village Manager, and shall be accompanied by such other documentation as is required herein.
   (D)   All statements made by the applicant upon the application or in connection therewith shall be under oath.
   (E)   The Village Manager and the Chief of Police shall cause to be kept in their offices an accurate record of every application received and acted upon, together with all other information and data pertaining thereto, and copies of all solicitation permits issued under the provisions of this article. Applications for permits shall be numbered in consecutive order, as filed, and every permit issued and any renewal thereof shall be identified with the duplicate number of the application upon which it was issued.
   (F)   No solicitation permit shall be issued to any person who has been convicted of soliciting without a permit within the village or in any other jurisdiction or of a violation of any of the provisions of this article, nor to any person whose solicitation permit issued hereunder has previously been revoked, as herein provided, for a period of two years from the date of such conviction or revocation.
(Ord. 92-11-117, passed 11-10-1992; Ord. 97-12-85, passed 12-15-1997; Ord. 2003-02-07, passed 2-18-2003)