In addition to such regulations or conditions as may be contained within a special use permit for a game room, or such other special conditions as may be imposed by the Village President at the time that the license is issued, the following items shall constitute rules and regulations for the operation of any game room operating within the village. Neither the owner nor operator of a game room shall cause or permit the operation of a game room to take place contrary to these regulations.
   (A)   A manager over 25 years of age shall be present in the game room during all of its hours of operation.
   (B)   If the game room is not an incidental use to a business which possesses a liquor license, no alcoholic beverages shall be sold or consumed in the game room.
   (C)   No cigarettes or other smoking product shall be sold in the area devoted to the game room.
   (D)   Signs shall be posted in the game room denoting any curfew law then in force within the village.
   (E)   The manager or other security personnel shall periodically inspect the area outside of the entrance and, where applicable, parking lot adjacent to the premises to assure that persons are not allowed to congregate in such areas where the congregation of such persons takes place under conditions which cause disturbance to patrons of other business establishments, nearby residents or property owners. The owner or operator of the game room or his or her agent will direct such persons to leave the premises and, absent their compliance with that order, he or she will swear out a complaint for trespass or other applicable violation of the laws of the state or village with the Police Department.
   (F)   All game rooms will close not later than 11:00 p.m., except as follows: where the game room is located in a premises where alcoholic liquors are sold in, the game room may continue in operation until the closing hour of that establishment; or where the game room is hosting an all night youth lock in that has been approved by the Chief of Police, the game room may continue in operation until the conclusion of the youth lock in.
   (G)   No gambling shall take place within the game room.
   (H)   No cash prizes shall be awarded within the game room.
   (I)   Neither the owner, nor operator, of the game room shall cause or permit loud noises or disturbances to take place within the game room. Persons who cause such loud noises or disturbances shall be promptly expelled by the game room management.
   (J)   Amusement devices within game rooms shall be placed so that the manager shall have a clear and unobstructed view of all amusement devices. The placement of such devices may not obstruct entrances or aisles. There shall be devoted a minimum of 40 square feet for each amusement device. The owner or applicant shall submit at the time of application a drawing indicating the proposed location of amusement devices within the game room. Once the game room license is issued, the location of machines may be changed; provided, however, that, the new placement of machines must be in compliance with those standards set forth within this section.
(Ord. 99-04-27, passed 4-19-1999)