(A)   An application for an amusement license or an automatic amusement machine license shall be made in conformity with the general requirements of this code relating to applications for licenses. Such application shall be signed by the owner or lessee of the property in his or her own proper person or in his or her name by his or her duly authorized agent, verified by oath or affidavit.
   (B)   The application shall set forth a description of the property used or intended for use as a public place of amusement, indicating the seating capacity and the floor area or ground area of the place, and such other information as the village may require.
   (C)   Each application and all information required to be furnished in connection therewith, or a copy thereof, shall be referred to the Chief of Police and any other appropriate village official. Each official shall certify to the Village Manager whether or not the applicant is qualified to receive the license applied for and whether or not the place complies in every respect with the applicable provisions of this code relating to his or her department.
   (D)   The application shall also contain a statement that the applicant is aware of an amusement tax and athletic contests tax provided for within this code, and a statement that the applicant agrees to make payments of such tax as therein provided.