For the purpose of this article, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
      (1)   Any amusement park, arcade, golf driving range, golf course, miniature or otherwise, public skating rink (ice or roller), “go-kart” tracks, public dance hall, pool or billiards hall, bowling alley or shooting gallery;
      (2)   Any theater, indoor or outdoor, displaying film, television or live dramatic performances;
      (3)   Any concert, athletic contest or exhibition, public picnic, circus, carnival, flower, animal or dog show; and
      (4)   Any other location or event where, for the purpose of pleasure, persons engage in or observe a game, physical activity or performance.
   AMUSEMENT DEVICE. Any machine, game, table or device which is designed, intended, displayed or kept as an amusement game, which is dependent upon the skill or dexterity of the player, and may be operated by the public upon the insertion of coin, slug, token, plate, disc or the use of which is made available for any valuable consideration; it is operated by the manipulation of buttons, dials, balls, wheels, trigger devices or electrical impulses, whether or not registering a score, offering a prize or offering free replays. The term AMUSEMENT DEVICE shall include, but not be limited to, devices commonly known as pinball machines, marble machines, video games, electronic games, skill ball and all games, operations or transactions similar thereto, the outcome of which is dependent upon the skill or dexterity of the player, under whatever name they may be indicated.
   AUTOMATIC AMUSEMENT MACHINE. Any mechanical amusement machine or device, the operation of which is governed or controlled by the deposit of a coin or token, including, without being limited to, any such coin controlled instrument or device capable of producing any vocal or instrumental sounds, including jukeboxes, and any coin-operated mechanical or electronic machine or similar types of machines which are intended for and generally used by children and referred to as a “children's ride”.
   GAME ROOM. Any business establishment having six or more amusement devices, whether or not operated as a principal use.
   OPERATOR. Any person or entity which leases or operates a business establishment which is or has contained within it a game room, or any other amusement.
   OWNER. Any person or entity who owns a building or a portion of a building which is utilized for a game room, or which houses an amusement.
   YOUTH LOCK IN. Any event hosted by a game room operator after 11:00 p.m. for the sole benefit of youths under 21 years of age.
(Ord. 99-04-27, passed 4-19-1999; Ord. 2019-06- 20, passed 6-3-2019; Ord. 2023-07-35, passed 7-17-2023)