§ 10-1-19 FEE SCHEDULE.
License Fee
License Fee
Article 1: Registration of Businesses
$25 per year ($12.50 after June 30)
Article 2: Amusements
(A) Automatic amusement devices, including pool tables and game rooms
   (1) Owner of game room
$200 per year
After June 30, ½ of annual fee
In addition to the annual license fee for amusement devices, an annual amusement tax is hereby imposed upon any amusement device, pool table, jukebox or children’s coin-operated rides, as follows:
   (2) Each amusement device
$55 per year
   (3) Each pool table
$40 per year
   (4) Each jukebox or similar machine or mechanism designed to produce or reproduce music
$25 per year
   (5) Transfer fee: In the event that the device upon which an amusement tax was imposed is to be permanently withdrawn from the village, another machine may be permanently substituted in its place, upon application and payment of the transfer fee
$5 each
(B) Public places of amusement:
   (7) Carnivals and menageries
$20 per day
   (8) Temporary places of amusement
      (a) Per day
      (b) Per year
Article 3: Electrical Contractors
(if not registered in another municipality)
$25 per year
Article 4: Peddlers and Solicitors
(A) Commercial solicitation
   (1) Non-refundable application fee
$25 administrative processing charge in addition to the current cost of a fingerprint check
   (2) Permit fee
      (a) Per day
$10 per person
      (b) Per week
$30 per person
      (c) Per month
$50 per person
      (d) Per year
$100 per person
(B) Religious or charitable solicitation
No fee
(C) Illinois licensed insurance agent/broker
No fee
Article 5: Raffles
(A) Class a, per raffle
(B) Class b, per raffle
(C) Class c, per raffle
(D) Class d, per raffle
Article 6: Scavengers
$750 per year
Article 7: Secondhand Dealers
$25 per year
Article 9: Tobacco License
$100 per year
Article 11: Pyrotechnic Fireworks Display
$100 per event, to be paid upon application; a separate permit shall be required for each event
Article 13: Massage Establishment License
$500/year plus $150 per criminal background check
Article 14: Video Gaming - Terminal Operator
$500 per video gaming terminal
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