(A)   Generally. The towing of vehicles by the village, or by its approved towing service operators on behalf of the village, shall be authorized only by the Police Department and only under the circumstances herein provided. Towed vehicles shall be impounded at facilities designated by the Police Department until lawfully claimed or disposed of.
   (B)   Towing without notice; immediate tows. Hazardous or unlawful vehicles may be towed without prior notice; except that, when an unlawful vehicle is the only one that has been reported as stolen and is not towable for some other specific reason, the owner should be, when practicable, notified by telephone or other means and given the opportunity to claim or move the vehicle, if he or she so wishes, to avoid incurring the expense of a police-ordered tow; provided, however, that, the vehicle may be towed if the owner permitted the tow to be made when the vehicle was reported stolen or at any time thereafter, in the form provided. Within a working period of 24 hours after towing a vehicle pursuant to this article, a notice shall be sent to or personally delivered to the owner of the vehicle, affording the opportunity for a hearing. For the purpose of this article, a working period of 24 hours shall not include Saturday, Sunday and holidays.
   (C)   Towing with prior notice; abandoned vehicles. Abandoned vehicles may be towed after the mailing or delivery of prior notice and the affording of an opportunity for a hearing as provided in §§ 8-3-3 and 8-3-4.