(A)   Each video gaming terminal shall be licensed by the Illinois Gaming Board and by the village before placement or operation on the premises of a licensed video gaming location in the village. 
   (B)   Any terminal operator that possesses any video gaming terminal shall have a registration tag issued by the Illinois Gaming Board and a video gaming sticker issued by the village securely affixed on each such video gaming terminal.
   (C)   Any video gaming terminal without a current registration tag and video gaming sticker shall be subject to seizure. Any agent of the village may demand and gain access to any property relating to a licensed video gaming location or any location where video gaming terminals are stored, sold, distributed, or transported, and seize any video gaming terminal which does not bear a current registration tag, video gaming sticker or is operating in a manner that violates any provision of the Video Gaming Act or this article. Such video gaming terminals so seized shall be subject to confiscation and forfeiture. In the event the village seizes video gaming terminals in accordance with this section, the village shall notify the terminal operator of such seizure and of the terminal operator's right to a hearing. The terminal operator shall have the burden at hearing of establishing that the video game terminal displayed a valid registration tag and video gaming sticker and was operating in full compliance with the Video Gaming Act and this article.
   (D)   No video gaming terminal licensed under this chapter may be played except during the legal hours of operation allowed for the consumption of alcoholic beverages at the licensed video gaming location. A licensed video gaming location that violates this division is subject to termination of its license by the Liquor Commissioner.
(Ord. 2020-09-29, passed 9-21-2020)