In addition to the requirements set forth in the Video Gaming Act, the regulations promulgated under the Video Gaming Act and this article, a use agreement must satisfy the following:
   (A)   Only be between a licensed terminal operator and a licensed video gaming location;
   (B)   Contain an affirmative statement that no inducement was offered or accepted regarding the placement or operation of video gaming terminals in a licensed video gaming location;
   (C)   Contain an indemnity and hold harmless provision on behalf of the state, the Illinois Gaming Board, the village and their officers, employees and agents relative to any cause of action arising from a use agreement;
   (D)   Prohibit any assignment other than from a licensed terminal operator to another licensed terminal operator; and
   (E)   Contain a provision that releases the video gaming location from any continuing contractual obligation to the terminal operator in the event that the terminal operator has its license revoked or surrenders its license.
(Ord. 2020-09-29, passed 9-21-2020)