The words contained in this article shall have the common meaning ascribed to them or such meanings as are contained within other sections of the code of ordinances of the village; provided, however, that, the following words shall be interpreted to mean as follows.
   ADJACENT LOTS. Lots which adjoin or share side property lines or lots in which, although separated by a street, front property lines overlap another by more than 30%.
   STREETSCAPE. The facades of single-family dwellings on both sides of a street. The length of a STREETSCAPE shall be limited to no more than 20 lots per side of street. When more than 20 lots per street side exist without an intervening cross street, the village shall, through one of its officers or employees, establish those lots which shall constitute a separate STREETSCAPE. In making that determination, the official shall consider that configuration of lots which shall be most influenced and affected by adjacent lots. Where possible, physical demarcations such as topography, road configuration or landscaping shall be utilized in establishing the appropriate STREETSCAPES. In general, the front orientation of the residence will determine the applicable STREETSCAPE.