There is established the position of Administrative Adjudication Administrator who shall be appointed by the Police Chief or his designee. The Administrative Adjudication Administrator's duties shall be to expedite the prosecution and/or correction of Village Code violations subject to the jurisdiction of the administrative adjudication system, including:
   (A)   Operation and management of the system of administrative adjudication of village ordinance violations as may be permitted by law and directed by ordinance;
   (B)   Promulgation of such rules and regulations reasonably required to operate and maintain such system;
   (C)   Supervision of the distribution and processing of notices as may be required under this section or as may be reasonably required to carry out the purpose of this section;
   (D)   Supervision of the collection of moneys paid as fines and/or penalties assessed after a final determination of liability; and
   (E)   Pursuit of all post-judgment remedies available by law.
(Ord. 2019-07-22, passed 7-15-2019)