§ 10-13-22  PUBLIC NUISANCE.
   It is determined and declared by the corporate authorities to be a public nuisance and a menace to the health, safety and welfare for any person, firm association or corporation to establish, operate, or maintain a massage establishment, whether open to the public generally or operated as a private or semi-private club, within the village where any massage therapist, employee or patron touches, rubs, strokes, kneads, massages, fondles, or manipulates the genital area of any other person or exposes his or her sexual or genital area to any other person for the purpose of sexual arousal and/or sexual gratification.  Touching of the genital area by a licensed physician, chiropractor, osteopath, or nurse for the purpose of medical examination or treatment shall not constitute a public nuisance hereunder.
(Ord. 2018-05-19, passed 5-7-2018)