(A)   Any license issued for a massage establishment may be revoked or suspended by the Village of Carol Stream after notice and a hearing by the Mayor or designee, for good cause, or in any case where any of the provisions of this article are violated or where any employee of the licensee, including a massage therapist, is engaged in any conduct which violates any of the state or local laws or regulations at licensee's place of business. Such license may also be revoked or suspended by the Village of Carol Stream after notice and hearing, upon the recommendations of the inspector that such business is being managed, conducted or maintained without regard to proper sanitation and hygiene.
   (B)   Notice of the hearing for revocation of a license or permit shall be given in writing, setting forth specifically the grounds of the complaint and the time and place of the hearing. Such notice shall be sent by certified mail (return receipt requested) to the licensee or permittee at his or her last known address, at least three days prior to the date set for the hearing. Notice will also be posted on a public bulletin board and the village website no less than 48 hours before the hearing. A stenographic or electronically recorded record of the hearing shall be kept. The village shall pay the cost of attendance fees of the reporter and the costs of the transcript, if such transcript shall be ordered by the village. The licensee or permittee shall pay the cost of any transcript ordered by him or her.
   (C)   Within a reasonable time after the conclusion of the hearing, but not later than 30 days after such conclusion, the Mayor shall file a written decision in which he or she has summarized the evidence and has stated the reasons for his or her decision. If a license has been revoked for any cause, no license shall be granted to any person for the conduct of the business of a massage establishment at that location for a period of 12 months.
   (D)   No person shall destroy, obliterate, take, remove or carry away without the consent of the owner any license, certificate, plate or sticker which has been issued by the village, except when such license, certificate, plate or sticker has been discontinued or the licensed premises have been abandoned. Nothing herein shall prevent the Mayor or his or her duly authorized representative from removing any license, certificate, plate or sticker from the possession of a former licensee, his or her premises, any vehicle or any machine when such license has been revoked under the provisions of this code.
(Ord. 2018-05-19, passed 5-7-2018)