A license, franchise or permit granted by the village to use or occupy public ways of the village may be revoked for the following reasons:
   (A)   Construction or operation in the village or in the public ways of the village without a license or franchise grant of authorization;
   (B)   Construction or operation at an unauthorized location;
   (C)   Unauthorized substantial transfer of control of the grantee;
   (D)   Unauthorized assignment of a license or franchise;
   (E)   Unauthorized sale, assignment or transfer of grantee's franchise or license assets or a substantial interest therein;
   (F)   Misrepresentation or untruthfulness by or on behalf of a grantee in any application to the village;
   (G)   Abandonment of facilities in the public ways;
   (H)   Failure to relocate or remove facilities as required in this chapter;
   (I)   Failure to pay taxes, compensations fees or costs when and as due the village;
   (J)   Insolvency or bankruptcy of the grantee;
   (K)   Violation of material provisions of this chapter; and/or
   (L)   Violation of the material terms of a license or franchise agreement.
(Ord. 2017-03-11, passed 3-20-2017)