(A)   All alarm systems installed in commercial or public buildings shall utilize equipment and methods of installation substantially equivalent to or exceeding the current UL and/or ANSI standards of the alarm industry.
   (B)   All alarm systems installed in residences shall utilize equipment which shall be substantially equivalent to or exceed the current UL and/or ANSI standards of the alarm industry.
   (C)   The equipment or hardware used and/or the manner of installation of the alarm system may correspond to any of the several levels of protection or grades of service listed in the applicable standards; provided, however, that, alarm system users shall not be required to provide protection for all of the areas or openings which may be required to be protected by the applicable standards.
   (D)   The standards referred to in this article are hereby adopted as part of this code subject to the modifications and qualifications set forth herein.
   (E)   In those instances where UL and/or ANSI have not established standards for categories of equipment or where new equipment is undergoing field testing, the Police Chief may require that the alarm system be inspected at the expense of the alarm user by a qualified representative of the industry who shall certify whether the alarm system appears to be safe and reliable.
   (F)   Alarm systems which input an automatic dialing device are subject to the provisions of this article.