(A)   No automatic dialing device shall be interconnected to a police communications center.
   (B)   All automatic dialing devices interconnected to a police communications center shall be disconnected therefrom.
   (C)   Persons owning or leasing an automatic dialing device may have the device interconnected to a telephone line transmitting directly to:
      (1)   A central station;
      (2)   A modified central station; or
      (3)   A licensed answering service.
   (D)   The relaying of messages by intermediate services to central stations may relay messages over a direct line.
   (E)   Automatic dialing devices may also be interconnected to one or more telephone numbers available to the owner or lessee of the devices, or his, her or their designated representatives, at another location.
   (F)   This article shall apply only to those automatic dialing devices interconnected to intermediary service centers.
   (G)   Every alarm business which has inter-connected any automatic dialing device in the village to a telephone line serviced directly by an inter-mediary service shall maintain and submit a current list of such installations for inspection by the Police Chief during the course of his or her official duties and include in such list:
      (1)   The name of the principal operator of the entity where the device is installed;
      (2)   The address of the location where the device is installed and the telephone number of that location; and
      (3)   The name and telephone number of at least one other person who can be reached at any time, day or night, and who is authorized to respond to an emergency signal transmitted by the automatic dialing device, and who can open the premises wherein the device is installed.
   (H)   The information contained in the lists required by this article shall be restricted to inspection only by the Police Chief in the course of his or her official duties.