The Police Chief shall be responsible for the performance of the Police Department, of all its functions, and all persons who are members of the Department shall serve subject to the orders of the Police Chief. The Police Chief shall perform those duties prescribed by the rules and regulations governing the Police Department, as approved by the Village President and the Board of Trustees, and shall in addition perform the following duties:
   (A)   He or she shall be the keeper of the Village Jail, and shall have custody of all persons incarcerated therein;
   (B)   Keep such books and records and make such reports concerning the activities of the Police Department as may be required by statute or by the President and Board of Trustees;
   (C)   Provide for the custody, care and control of the public property of the Department, including all vehicles, firearms and other equipment of the Department, and have custody and control of all lost, abandoned or stolen property within the village;
   (D)   Preserve the peace, order and safety of the village;
   (E)   Execute and enforce the state and federal laws, all village ordinances, police regulations and orders of the corporate authorities;
   (F)   Protect the rights of persons and property within the village;
   (G)   Study police problems in matters of public welfare and administration as related to crime and law enforcement and make recommendations thereon to the corporate authorities; and
   (H)   Investigate, study and recommend to the corporate authorities, upon such request, traffic regulations, routines and changes therein for improvements of traffic and safety conditions within the village.