(A)   Sworn police officers of the Police Department shall possess qualifications as are required by statute and shall, in addition, be citizens of the United States. Sworn police officers shall reside within 20 miles of the intersection of North Avenue and Gary Avenue before the end of their probationary period. The Village Manager, upon recommendation of the Chief of Police, may grant a temporary fixed-term exemption of the residency requirement upon a sworn police officer’s petition claiming exigent circumstances preventing residency compliance.
   (B)   Any sworn police officer who, within the time specified above, does not move into the geographical area established as a mandatory residence zone in this section, or who does not serve, except in the case of involuntary discharge instituted by the village, at least one year after the termination of probation as a sworn police officer shall, at the time of termination or within 60 days thereafter, repay to the village actual costs incurred by the village in education, training and providing uniforms for the officer.
   (C)   Provided, however, that, in the event that such police officer resigns and the resignation is accepted, and that officer does not begin employment with a governmental Police Department within one year of the termination of employment with the village, such repayment shall not be required from police officers who have been hired by the village prior to 1-1-2000.
   (D)   Any sworn police officer, who without exemption, fails to meet or comply with the residency requirements established in this article shall be subject to discipline, including suspension or discharge.
(Ord. 99-12-70, passed 12-6-1999; Ord. 2004-08-46, passed 8-16-2004; Ord. 2007-03-10, passed 3-19-2007; Ord. 2007-04-16, passed 3-19-2007)