The city clerk is hereby designated as the FOIA officer to whom all initial requests for access to the records of the city are to be referred. Such requests are to be made at the offices of the city clerk at Carmi, Illinois, between the hours of nine o'clock (9:00) A.M. and four o'clock (4:00) P.M., Monday through Friday. In the event that the city clerk is not available during the times described above, the economic development director is designated as the deputy FOIA officer to whom such initial requests are to be made. Except in instances when records are furnished immediately, the FOIA officer, or his designees, shall receive requests submitted to the city under the freedom of information act, ensure that the city responds to requests in a timely fashion, and issue responses under the act. The FOIA officer shall develop a list of documents or categories of records that the city shall immediately disclose upon request. (Ord. 1421, 6-7-2010)