11-1-6: FINAL PLAT:
   A.   Filing:
      1.   Submission To Council: After approval of the preliminary plan by the council, and the fulfillment of the requirements of this chapter, one tracing of the final plat of the subdivision, drawn in ink on tracing cloth, not to exceed twenty nine inches by thirty four inches (29" x 34") in size, shall be submitted to the city council for approval.
      2.   Action By Council; Time Limit: Action must be taken by the city council within thirty (30) days after the final plat has been submitted for approval.
      3.   Recording With County; Time Limit: Upon approval by the city council, the developer shall record the plat with the recorder of White County, within six (6) months. If not recorded within this time, the approval shall be null and void.
      4.   Signed Copies Required: One print of the approved preliminary plan, signed by the mayor and the city clerk, shall be retained in the city clerk's office. One signed copy is authorization for the subdivider to proceed with the preparation of plans and specifications for the minimum improvements required in this chapter and with the preparation of the final plat.
   B.   Contents Of Plat: The final plat and accompanying documents shall contain the following:
      1.   Identification And Description:
         a.   Name of subdivision.
         b.   Location by township, section, town and range, or by other legal description.
         c.   Names of owners and certification by a licensed surveyor.
         d.   Scale of one inch equals one hundred feet (1" = 100') or larger (shown graphically).
         e.   Date.
         f.   North point.
      2.   Delineation Of Existing Conditions:
         a.   Boundary of plat, based on an accurate traverse, with angles and linear dimensions.
         b.   Exact location, width, and name of all streets within and adjoining the plat, and the exact location and widths of all crosswalkways. Proposed street names shall be shown.
         c.   Certified survey showing dimensions to property lines and accessibility to public streets.
         d.   Before the final plat of any subdivided area shall be approved and recorded, the subdivider shall furnish profiles of all streets and alleys in the proposed subdivision, drawn to a horizontal scale of one inch equals fifty feet (1" = 50') and a vertical scale of one inch equals five feet (1" = 5'). Elevations shall be referred to a permanent recorded bench mark of the city datum. Street grades for major streets shall comply with subsection 11-1-8B1 of this chapter.
         e.   True angles and distances to the nearest established street lines or official monuments (not less than 3), which shall be accurately described in the plat.
         f.   Municipal, township, county or section lines accurately tied to the lines of the subdivision, by distances and angles.
         g.   Radii, internal angles, points and curvatures, tangent bearings and lengths of all arcs.
         h.   All easements for rights of way provided for public services and utilities.
         i.   All lot numbers and lines, with accurate dimensions in feet and hundredths.
         j.   Permanent monuments shall be placed at all corners and at points of tangency of curve lines along the boundary of the subdivision. Permanent monuments shall be of concrete with minimum dimensions of four inches by four inches (4" x 4") and thirty six inches long (36"), with a steel dowel three-eighths inch (3/8") in diameter, at least two and one-half inches (21/2") in length, imbedded so that the top of the dowel shall be flush with the surface and at the center of the monument. All lot corners not marked by concrete monuments shall be marked by galvanized or wrought iron pipe or iron or steel bars at least eighteen inches (18") in length and not less than one-half inch (1/2") in diameter. The top of the pipe or bar is to be set level with the established grade of the ground. The location of all concrete and iron monuments shall be shown on the map.
         k.   Accurate outlines and legal descriptions of any area to be dedicated or reserved for public use, with the purposes indicated thereon, and of any area to be reserved by deed covenant for common uses of all property owners.
         l.   Building setback lines, if any, accurately shown by dimensions.
         m.   Protective covenants, if any, which meet with the approval of the city council shall be lettered on the final plat.
         n.   Certification by a registered surveyor to the effect that the plat represents a survey made by him and that monuments and markers shown thereon exist as located and that all dimensional and geodetic details are correct.
         o.   Notarized certification, by owner or owners, or by any mortgage holder on record, of the adoption of the plat and the dedication of streets and other public areas.
         p.   Certifications showing that all taxes and special assessments due on the property to be subdivided have been paid in full.
         q.   Proper form for the approval of the city council with space for signatures.
         r.   Approval by signatures of city, county and state officials concerned with the specification of utility installations.
         s.   This approval of the final plat shall not be deemed to constitute or effect an acceptance by the public of the dedication of any street or other proposed public way or space shown on the plat. (Ord. 1078, 8-20-1984)