A.   Filing:
      1.   Submission To Council:
         a.   Any owner of land which is within the corporate limits of the city wishing to divide the same into building lots for the purposes of sale or assessment or both, or wishing to dedicate streets, alleys, or other lands for public use shall first submit to the city council four (4) copies of the preliminary plan and all other information as required in this section.
         b.   The preliminary plan shall be submitted to the city council at least ten (10) days prior to the regular meeting of the council to receive action thereon at that meeting.
      2.   Contents Of Application: The application shall specify the intent of the subdivider with respect to land use, drainage, sewage disposal, water supply, and street improvement proposed by the subdivider; what, if any, restrictions exist or are to be placed on the property to be subdivided; and the expected date of its development. (Ord. 1078, 8-20-1984)
      3.   Recommendations Of City Official: The appropriate city official shall collaborate with the subdivider. Said official shall, within thirty (30) days from receipt, submit his written recommendations for approval or disapproval to the city council. (Ord. 1078, 8-20-1984; amd. 2006 Code)
   B.   Contents Of Plan: The preliminary plan shall contain the following:
      1.   Identification And Description:
         a.   Proposed name of the subdivision.
         b.   Location by township, section, town and range, or by other legal description.
         c.   Names and addresses of developer and designer who made the plan.
         d.   Scale of plan, one inch equals one hundred feet (1" = 100') or larger.
         e.   Date.
         f.   North point.
      2.   Delineation Of Existing Conditions:
         a.   Boundary line of proposed subdivision indicated by solid heavy line and the total approximate acreage encompassed thereby. (Ord. 1078, 8-20-1984)
         b.   Location, widths and names of all existing or prior platted streets or other public ways, railroad and utility rights of way, parks and other public open spaces, or permanent easements and section and corporation lines, within or adjacent to the tract and/or other relevant information required by the appropriate city official. (Ord. 1078, 8-20-1984; amd. 2006 Code)
         c.   Existing sewers, water mains, culverts or other underground facilities within the tract or adjacent to the tract, indicating pipe sizes, grades, manholes and exact location.
         d.   Boundary lines of adjacent tracts of unsubdivided or subdivided land, showing names of subdivisions.
         e.   Layout of streets, widths of rights of way, and also the widths of crosswalkways and easements.
         f.   Layout, numbers and dimensions of lots.
         g.   Parcels of land intended to be dedicated or temporarily reserved for public use or set aside for use by property owners in the subdivision.
         h.   Building setback lines, showing dimensions.
         i.   Easements for any and all public utilities where alleys are not provided. Proper continuity for the utilities from block to block shall be maintained.
         j.   Location, size and approximate grades of proposed sewers.
         k.   Proposed street grades.
         l.   Proposed location of water, storm and sanitary sewers, gas, electric and telephone outlets.
         m.   Watercourses, drainageways, channels and streams, if any.
   C.   Qualifications For Approval: The following qualifications shall govern approval of the preliminary plan:
      1.   Changes Or Revisions: The city council may recommend or require such changes or revisions as are deemed necessary in the interest and needs of the community. (Ord. 1078, 8-20-1984)
      2.   Approval By City Official: Subsequent approval will be required of the engineering proposals pertaining to water supply, storm drainage, sewerage and sewage disposal, gas and electric service, street lighting, fire hydrants, grading, gradients and roadway widths and the surfacing of streets by the appropriate city official.
      3.   Land Subject To Flooding Or Containing Poor Drainage Facilities: No plat will be approved for the subdivision of land which is subject to periodic flooding or which contains extremely poor drainage facilities and which would make adequate drainage of the streets impossible. However, if the subdivider agrees to make improvements which will, in the opinion of the appropriate city official where concerned, make the area completely safe for residential occupancy and provide adequate street drainage, the preliminary plan of the subdivision may be approved. (Ord. 1078, 8-20-1984; amd. 2006 Code)
      4.   Tentative Approval; Time Constraints: The approval of a preliminary plan by the city council is strictly tentative, involving merely the general acceptability of the layout submitted. This approval shall be effective for a maximum period of twelve (12) months, unless, upon application by the developer, the city council grants an extension. If the final plat has not been recorded within this time limit, the preliminary plan must again be submitted for approval. (Ord. 1078, 8-20-1984)