A.   Required: From and after the passage date hereof no business of any nature shall be located, established, carried on within the corporate limits of the city of Carmi without first securing a permit for such business, in accordance with the further provisions of this chapter; provided however that this section does not apply to businesses being carried on as of the passage date hereof.
   B.   Application: Any individual, firm or corporation desiring to locate, establish and carry on a business within the corporate limits of the city of Carmi shall make application for a permit, in duplicate, upon blanks to be furnished by the clerk. In addition to other information from time to time required by the council, and requested in the blanks for application, the applicant shall give the following information:
      1.   His correct name and address.
      2.   Structure of the business organization, whether individual, partnership, corporation, trust, etc.
      3.   Names and addresses of all persons associated with him, as owners, or in the case of a corporation, officers and directors.
      4.   Nature of the business to be conducted.
      5.   Address in Carmi where such business is to be established.
Such application shall be under oath and filed with the clerk, who is designated as the enforcing officer for this chapter.
   C.   Determination: When an application for a permit to establish and carry on a business is filed with the clerk, in accordance with the provisions of subsection B of this section, the clerk shall at once transmit one copy thereof to the city council. The clerk shall, within five (5) days from the date the permit application is filed, determine:
      1.   If the address where such business is to be located is within a zone permitting same, and
      2.   Whether or not such business violates, or may be reasonably anticipated to violate, any ordinance of the city or law of the state.
If such determination finds the application is permissible under the provisions of this chapter, the permit shall be issued by the clerk. Should the clerk determine the application is not permissible under the provisions of this chapter, the same shall be refused by him and a report of such denial, with reasons, shall be filed by him with the city council. Nothing in this chapter shall be construed or considered as restricting or prohibiting the locating and establishing of businesses within the city of Carmi, Illinois, for any reason or reasons other than those permitted by 65 Illinois Compiled Statutes 5/11 division 13 and other applicable laws and ordinances. (Ord. 1370, 2-20-2007)