Adequate stormwater retention and release/drainage facilities shall be installed in all subdivisions accepted after the passage date hereof, and on the site of all commercial and industrial developments hereafter constructed, and located within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Carmi zoning ordinance, to avoid changes in stormwater runoff onto adjacent properties. All stormwater detention and release facilities shall be subject to the approval of the city engineer, and will be governed by the applicable rules and regulations of the Illinois department of transportation (IDOT), relating to the issuance of drainage permits for private drainage systems that discharge into state highways, as amended from time to time. Said IDOT rules and regulations, and all future amendments and modifications of those rules and regulations, are incorporated by reference, as if fully set forth herein.
In each case, the applicant's proposed facilities for stormwater detention and release must be studied and designed by a certified engineer at the applicant's expense and constructed to prevent overtaxing or otherwise damaging of Carmi's drainage system, and the drainage systems of adjoining landowners. A copy of the certified engineer's runoff study must accompany the building permit application. (Ord. 1370, 2-20-2007)