(a)   Any person seeking approval of land development proposals for use types listed in Section 1454.03(c) shall develop and submit a site development plan as detailed in subsection (c) hereof.
   (b)   The applicant is encouraged to have a pre-submission meeting with the City and its authorized agent(s). Submission of ten sets of the SDP and other supporting data required by this regulation to the City and its authorized agent(s) completes the applicant's responsibilities and initiates the review process.
   (c)   Site Development Plan Requirements.
      (1)   Each applicant shall provide information that details the location of the area proposed for development, the site in relation to its general surroundings, predevelopment site conditions, existing characteristics of the site, and the extent of proposed earth disturbing activities. At a minimum the plan shall include the following elements:
         A.    General location map that shows the area proposed for development and pertinent adjacent areas and features;
         B.    A description of the nature and type of the earth disturbing/ construction activity (e .g. residential, commercial, highway, etc.);
         C.    A photocopy of the appropriate soil survey sheet found in the USDA Soil Survey of Warren County with location of site identified;
         D.    A site plan map that shows the location of existing features and proposed improvements on the site including:
            1.    For sites with relief less than 50', the scale provided shall be 1" = 60'; for sites with greater than 50' relief, the scale provided shall be 1' = 40';
            2.    Total area of the site and the area of the site that is expected to be disturbed (i.e. grubbing, clearing, excavation, filling or grading, including off-site borrow areas);
            3.    Surface water locations, including springs, wetlands, streams, lakes, water wells, etc., on or within 200 feet of the site, including the boundaries of wetlands or stream channels and first subsequent named receiving water(s) the permittee intends to fill or relocate for which the permittee is seeking approval from the Army Corps of Engineers and/or Ohio EPA;
            4.    The general directions of surface water flow over 100-year floodplain, the limits of the 100 year floodplain and the floodway; and
            5.    All improvements, including buildings, retaining walls, sidewalks, streets, parking lots, driveways, utilities and stormwater basins, drainage impoundments, channels and outlets, etc.
         E.    An estimate of the impervious area and percent imperviousness created by the earth disturbing activity.
   (d)   Site Development Plan Submission, Review and Action.
      (1)   Submission of a site development plan (SDP) by an applicant seeking approval initiates the review process;
      (2)   The City of Carlisle's authorized agent(s) shall review the site development plan (SDP) and conduct a site inspection of the proposed site;
      (3)   Review of the site development plan (SDP) shall commence within seven working days after receipt of the submittal; and
      (4)   Following its review the authorized agent(s) shall:
         A.    Approve the site development plan (SDP); or
         B.    Conditionally approve the site development plan (SDP) pending additional information and/or the incorporation of required changes; and/or
         C.    Require the submission of a stormwater management plan (SMP) based on written findings of the authorized agent(s).
            (Ord. 30-08. Passed 11-11-08.)