(a)   Damages to structures may result from a variety of causes including flood, tornado, wind, heavy snow, fire, etc. After such a damage event, the Floodplain Administrator shall:
      (1)   Determine whether damaged structures are located in special flood hazard areas;
      (2)   Conduct substantial damage determinations for damaged structures located in special flood hazard areas; and
      (3)   Make reasonable attempt to notify owners of  substantially damaged structures of the need to obtain a floodplain development permit prior to repair, rehabilitation, or reconstruction.
   (b)   Additionally, the Floodplain Administrator may implement other measures to assist with the substantial damage determination and subsequent repair process. These measures include issuing press releases, public service announcements, and other public information materials related to the floodplain development permits and repair of damaged structures; coordinating with other Federal, State, and local agencies to assist with substantial damage determinations; providing owners of damaged structures materials and other information related to the proper repair of damaged structures in special flood hazard areas; and assist owners of substantially damaged structures with increased cost of compliance insurance claims.
(Ord. 21-10.  Passed 10-12-10.)