An application for preliminary development plan review shall include a plan for the entire area of the proposed project.  Ten (10) sets of the application, including the preliminary development plan, and the application fee shall be submitted to the Planning and Zoning Administrator.  The preliminary development plan shall be drawn at a scale of not less than fifty (50) feet to one (1) inch and shall indicate:
   (a)   The location of all existing structures and access points.
   (b)   The general location of existing buildings, parking areas and access drives on parcels within 200 feet of the site;
   (c)   The general location of all proposed construction including buildings and structures, parking areas, and access points. 
   (d)   The location of existing and proposed topography, major vegetation features, and wooded areas;
   (e)   The general layout of the proposed internal road system, indicating the proposed vehicular right-of-way of all proposed public streets and pedestrian circulation.
   (f)   The general location of common open space required for planned developments.
   (g)   A summary table showing total acres of the proposed development, the number of acres devoted to each type of use including streets and common open space, and the number of proposed dwelling units by type;
   (h)   Other documentation needed for the evaluation of the preliminary development plan as may be needed to evaluate the general concept of the proposed development.
      (Ord. 8-13. Passed 5-14-13.)