A wireless telecommunication facility shall comply with the following:
   (a)   Documentation shall be provided that supports the applicant's claim that no such technically suitable location exists; or
   (b)   If another tower, building or structure is technically suitable, then the applicant must show that reasonable efforts have been made to:
      (1)   Request co-location on the existing tower(s), building(s) or structure(s) and that each co-location request was rejected by the owner of the tower, building or structure; or
      (2)   Request of all owners of properties determined to be locations that are technically suitable to permit construction of a wireless telecommunication tower, within reasonable terms, and demonstrate that each request was rejected.
   (c)   As a stipulation of approving the conditional use permit to construct and operate a wireless telecommunication tower in Carlisle, the owner/operator of the wireless telecommunication tower shall be required to allow co-location until said tower has reached full antenna capacity.  In no event shall the owner/operator agree to allow fewer than two (2) additional antenna platforms.  Agreement to this provision shall be included in the applicant's lease with the landowner, if different from the owner/operator of such tower.  Written documentation shall be presented to the Planning Commission showing that the owner of the property on which such tower is to be located has agreed to the terms of this subsection as well as all other applicable requirements, regulations and standards set forth in this Chapter.
   (d)   Any wireless telecommunication tower proposed as a conditional use shall be located a minimum of one-half (½) mile from any other wireless telecommunication tower proposed or previously approved as a conditional use.
      (Ord. 8-13. Passed 5-14-13.)