All driveways, parking areas, stacking areas, and loading/unloading areas shall be constructed in accordance with standards established by Carlisle's Engineer and according to the following:
   (a)   The minimum amount of off-street parking spaces, stacking spaces and loading/unloading spaces required for the various kinds of activities set forth in this chapter shall be maintained at all times and no part of such required facilities shall be used for any other purpose, unless specifically permitted otherwise.
      (1)   It shall be unlawful for any person to use any off-street parking space, stacking space or loading/unloading space for storage of wrecked, junked and/or inoperable vehicles.
      (2)   No repair or service to vehicles shall be carried on in any off-street parking space, stacking space or loading/unloading space.
   (b)   Paving.  All parking and loading areas and access drives shall have a bituminous, concrete or similar surface approved by Carlisle's Engineer. Such paving material, and base materials related thereto, shall be capable of supporting all anticipated loads without damage. The owner shall, at his/her own expense, maintain the surface in a smooth and dust-free condition and repair any disintegration of the surface by patching or sealing when such disintegration takes place.
   (c)   Drainage.  Parking areas shall be graded, drained and provided with adequate drainage facilities so that adjacent properties and rights-of-way, including public sidewalks, shall not be subject to flooding by run-off water from the proposed parking area.
   (d)   Illumination in Open Areas.  Parking areas shall be illuminated whenever necessary to protect the public safety. All lighting shall comply with the regulations in Chapter 1282.
   (e)   Curbs and Wheel Blocks/Bumper Guards.  Appropriate bumper guards or barrier curbs shall be provided in order to contain the cars on sloping surfaces, and to prevent bumper over-hang or other encroachment into required yards, walkways, sidewalks, aisles, parking spaces, landscaping or adjacent property. Curbs and wheel block/bumper guards shall be a material and constructed as required by Carlisle's Engineer.
   (f)   Marking.  Any off-street parking area for five (5) or more parking spaces and all stacking spaces shall indicate the location of each parking or stacking space, the location of spaces for persons with disabilities, and the location and direction or movement along the aisles and access drives providing access thereto by painting upon the surface, by raised directional signs, or by markers or other similar measures placed in the surface. 
   (g)   Signs.  Signs shall be provided in accordance with Chapter 1286.
   (h)   Maintenance.  All parking areas, waiting spaces and loading spaces shall be maintained in a manner to keep it as free as practicable from rubbish, paper and other loose particles, and snow and ice shall be promptly removed by the operator.  All adjacent sidewalks shall be kept free from dirt, ice, sleet and snow and in a safe condition for use by pedestrians.  All signs, markers or any other methods used to indicate direction of traffic movement and location of parking and/or loading spaces shall be maintained in a neat and legible condition.  Any walls, trees and shrubbery, as well as surfacing of the parking lot, shall be maintained in good condition throughout its use for parking purposes.
      (Ord. 8-13. Passed 5-14-13.)