Drive-thru establishments and other establishments which, by their nature, create lines of customers waiting to be served within automobiles shall provide off-street waiting areas, on the same lot as the use, in addition to the required number of parking spaces specified in Table 1284.07, in accordance with the following:
   (a)   Minimum Number of Stacking Spaces.
(1)   Establishments serving and/or selling food and/or drinks:
Six (6) stacking spaces per drive-thru window, measured from the order board or station
(2)   Automatic car wash facilities where a chain conveyor or other similar method is used to move the vehicle through the structure:
Five (5) stacking spaces
(3)   Facilities with service windows or service entrances such as banks, ticket booths, drive-up ATM machines and other similar facilities:   
Four (4) stacking spaces for the first drive-thru window or stall and two (2)  stacking spaces for each additional window or stall
(4)   Self-serve car wash facilities:
Two (2) stacking spaces per stall
(5)   Gasoline stations:
Two (2) stacking spaces per accessible side of a gasoline pump island
(6)   All other uses
Three stacking spaces for each window or stall
   (b)   Vehicles Prohibited within the Public Right-of-Way.  In any case, vehicles shall not be permitted to wait within the public right-of-way for service at such drive-in or drive-thru facilities.
   (c)   Waiting Space Dimensions.  Each off-street stacking space shall have an area not less than 144 square feet (measuring eight (8) feet by eighteen (18) feet) exclusive of access drives and parking aisles and shall not interfere with parking or circulation.
   (d)   Reduction in Required Stacking Spaces.  The Planning Commission may reduce the number of required stacking spaces when the applicant provides credible documentation, such as studies from similar sites, that fewer than the required number of stacking spaces does not impede vehicular traffic flow on the site and ingress/egress to the site.
      (Ord. 8-13. Passed 5-14-13.)