(a)   Fences and walls shall comply with the following maximum height regulations as set forth for the district in which the use is located:
      (1)   In Commercial and Industrial Districts, a fence or wall in a side or rear yard shall not exceed a height of eight (8) feet; except as may otherwise be required by the Planning Commission to screen outdoor storage areas.
      (2)   Fences or walls in Residential Districts may be permitted along the side or rear lot lines to a height of not more than six (6) feet above the grade provided that at least twenty-five (25%) of the vertical surface of any fence or wall shall be open to light and air. Solid walls and fences shall conform to all required setback lines for yards. For example, a solid fence in a residential district shall conform the setbacks for accessory buildings. Board-on-board fences - or fences that provide at least twenty-five percent (25%) of the vertical surface open to light and air - are permitted along property lines.
      (3)   In all districts, a fence or wall in a front yard or corner side yard shall not exceed a height of three (3) feet and shall be no closer than seventeen (17)  feet from the edge of the road or the edge of the right-of-way line, whichever is further.
   (b)   Fences and walls in a front yard shall be for decorative purposes only.  Said fences shall be limited to split rail, wrought iron, picket or other similar decorative fence.
   (c)   Fences shall be of chain link, picket, split rail, sapling, louver, board on board, or other design, and, if painted, shall be one color.  The smooth finished side of the fence or wall shall be the side of the fence that faces outward from the lot or yard being fenced.
   (d)   All fences and walls shall be well maintained, harmonious and appropriate in appearance with the existing character of the immediate area in which it is to be located, and not be hazardous or disturbing to existing or future neighboring uses.
(Ord. 8-13. Passed 5-14-13.)