(a)   Landscaping on the Interior of Parking Lots.  Interior landscaping of parking lots shall be provided in accordance with the following requirements.
      (1)   For any parking area designed to accommodate fifteen (15) or more vehicles, a minimum of five percent (5%) of the parking lot shall be planted as landscaped island areas, developed and reasonably distributed throughout the parking lot so as to provide visual and climatic relief from broad expanses of pavement.
      A.   Each island shall be a minimum of ten (10) feet in any horizontal dimension;
      B.   Within the landscaped islands, there shall be provided one shade tree for every ten (10) parking spaces.  Each tree, at the time of installation, shall be at least six (6) feet tall and a minimum caliper of two and one half (2½) inches.
      C.   Landscaped areas adjacent to the perimeter of the parking area shall not be counted as interior parking lot landscaped areas.
       (2)   For the purpose of this Section, the area of a parking lot shall be the total vehicular surface area including circulation aisles.
   (b)   Screening Along Public Streets and Perimeter of Parking Areas.  Whenever parking areas consisting of five (5) spaces or more are located such that the parked cars will be visible from a public street, screening, in addition to the interior landscaping required in subsection (a) above, shall be provided and maintained between the parking area and the street right-of-way.
      (1)   All shrubs, berms, walls, and fences shall have a minimum height of three (3) feet and a maximum height of five (5) feet.
      (2)   Such landscaping and screening shall be located parallel to and within five (5) feet of the edge of the parking lot.
      (3)   Such landscaping and screening shall be located to not obstruct the view from vehicles entering and exiting the parking lot.
         (Ord. 8-13. Passed 5-14-13.)