1270.01  INTENT.
   The Manufacturing Districts include the M-1 Light Manufacturing and M-2 General Manufacturing. The regulations set forth in this Chapter are established in order to achieve, among others, the following purposes:
   (a)   To promote the most desirable and beneficial use of the land and structures in accordance with the objectives of the Carlisle Comprehensive Plan;
   (b)   To provide appropriate and convenient districts of sufficient size to carry on research, manufacturing processes, and distribution activities to serve the community, thereby promoting employment and strengthening the economy of the community;
   (c)   To improve the manufacturing environment by discouraging unrelated and incompatible uses in such areas, thereby making land more readily available for industry;
   (d)   To protect adjacent residential districts by restricting types of manufacturing uses nearby to only those which will not create objectionable influences beyond their district boundaries and will be properly buffered and screened;
   (e)   To protect manufacturing and related development against congestion by requiring setbacks and limiting the bulk and density of development in relation to adjacent buildings and available land and by requiring sufficient off-street parking and loading facilities.
   (f)   To carry out the following specific purposes:
      (1)   To provide an M-1 Light Manufacturing District for office and industrial uses in areas suitable for such development by reason of location, topography, soil conditions and the availability of adequate utilities and transportation systems.  The intent is to permit office and other uses such as limited light industrial and warehouse activities that are office-like in physical appearance, service requirements, and operational characteristics; uses that can be carried on wholly within enclosed buildings and subject to those regulations necessary to reduce congestion and for the protection of adjacent residential and business activities. This district also permits accessory retail and service uses to serve as support services for the adjacent office/industrial uses.  The uses allowed are those that because of their normally unobjectionable characteristics can be operated in relatively close proximity to residential districts.  The M-1 District is designed to encourage the development of office/light industrial parks/subdivisions by including reduced standards for lots that are part of a development and which have access onto a new internal street.
      (2)   To provide an M-2 General Manufacturing District for industrial and other uses that by virtue of their external effects, noise, glare, fumes, smoke, dust, odors, truck and/or rail traffic, should be isolated from residential and commercial uses.  These uses perform essential functions for the Municipality, including employment, and should be provided for in areas that are best suited for industrial development by reason of location, utilities and transportation systems. Uses in the M-2 Districts typically generate outdoor activities and outdoor storage in association with permitted principal uses. 
         (Ord. 8-13. Passed 5-14-13.)