(a)   Preliminary Development Plan. In the review of proposed Planned Developments, the Planning Commission and Council shall determine whether or not the preliminary development plan complies with the following criteria.  In the event the Planning Commission determines that the proposed preliminary development plan does not comply with a preponderance of these criteria, the Planning Commission shall disapprove the application:
      (1)   The proposed development is consistent with the purpose, intent and applicable standards of this Zoning Code;
      (2)   The proposed development is in conformity with the Comprehensive Plan, and other adopted plans or portions thereof as they may apply;
      (3)   The proposed development advances the general welfare of Carlisle and immediate vicinity and will not impede the normal and orderly development and improvement of the surrounding areas;
      (4)   The proposed uses are appropriately located in Carlisle so that the use and value of property within and adjacent to the area will be safeguarded; 
      (5)   Proposed residential development will have sufficient open space areas that meet the objectives of the Comprehensive Plan;
      (6)   The proposed development respects the unique characteristic of the natural features and protects the natural resources of the site;
      (7)   Adequate utilities, access roads, drainage, retention and/or necessary facilities have been or are being provided;
      (8)   Adequate measures have been or will be taken to provide ingress and egress designed to minimize traffic congestion on the surrounding public streets and to maximize public safety and to accommodate adequate pedestrian and bike circulation systems so that the proposed development provides for a safe, convenient and non-conflicting circulation system for motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians;
      (9)   The relationship of buildings and structures to each other and to such other facilities provides for the coordination and integration of this development within the PDOD and the larger community and maintains the image of Carlisle as a quality community;
      (10)   The density, building gross floor area, building heights, setbacks, distances between buildings and structures, yard space, design and layout of open space systems and parking areas, traffic accessibility and other elements having a bearing on the overall acceptability of the development plans and contribute to the orderly development of land within Carlisle;
      (11)   Adequate provision is made for storm drainage within and through the site so as to maintain, as far as practicable, usual and normal swales, water courses and drainage areas;
      (12)   The design, site arrangement, and anticipated benefits of the proposed development justify any deviation from the standard development regulations included in this Zoning Code and that any such deviations are consistent with the intent of the Planned Development Overlay District regulations;
      (13)   The proposed phasing of development is appropriate for the existing and proposed infrastructure and is sufficiently coordinated among the various phased to ultimately yield the intended overall development;
      (14)   The proposed development can be adequately serviced by existing or planned public improvements and not impair the existing public service system for the area.
   (b)   Final Development Plan.  In the review of proposed Planned Developments, the Planning Commission shall determine whether or not the proposed development, as depicted on the final development plan, complies with the following:
      (1)   The plan conforms in all pertinent respects to the approved preliminary development plan, provided, however, that the Planning Commission may authorize plans as specified in sub-section 1266.09(d)(2)B.4.;
      (2)   Adequate provision is made for safe and efficient pedestrian and vehicular circulation within the site and to adjacent property;
      (3)   The development has adequate public services and open spaces;
      (4)   The development preserves and is sensitive to the natural characteristics of the site in a manner that complies with the applicable regulations set forth in this Code and the Comprehensive Plan;
      (5)   The development provides adequate lighting for safe and convenient use of the streets, walkways, driveways, and parking areas without unnecessarily spilling or emitting light onto adjacent properties or the general vicinity; 
      (6)   The proposed signs, as indicated on the submitted sign plan, will be coordinated within the planned development and with adjacent development; are of an appropriate size, scale, and design in relationship with the principal building, site, and surroundings; and are located so as to maintain safe and orderly pedestrian and vehicular circulation;
      (7)   The landscape plan will adequately enhance the principal building and site; maintain existing trees to the extent possible; buffer adjacent incompatible uses; break up large expanses of pavement with natural material; and provide appropriate plant materials for the buildings, site, and climate;
      (8)   Adequate provision is made for storm drainage within and through the site which complies with the applicable regulations in this Code and any other design and construction criteria established by Carlisle or any other governmental entity which may have jurisdiction over such matters; and,
      (9)   If the project is to be carried out in progressive stages, each stage shall be so planned that the foregoing conditions are complied with at the completion of each stage.
         (Ord. 8-13. Passed 5-14-13.)