(a)   Unless otherwise stated and varied in the development standards text, the standards and regulations contained in this Zoning Code that pertain to the specific uses, land development, or land subdivision shall be applicable. 
   (b)   Requirements and guidelines that are necessary to ensure that the proposed planned development complies with the intent of these Planned Development Overlay District regulations shall be clearly delineated in the development standards text and submitted as part of the preliminary development plan.  Elements of the development standards text shall include:
      (1)   All requirements that are necessary to ensure the planned development is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan and compatible with the surrounding development, including, but not limited to:
         A.   The list of permitted and conditional uses;
         B.   The maximum density for each use area;
         C.   Standards for the protection of natural features;
         D.   The major vehicular, pedestrian and bike circulation system;
         E.   Setbacks and buffer standards for the perimeter of the planned development district and between sub-areas and differing land uses; and,
         F.   Any unique development standards or other standards that are determined essential for the project.
      (2)   All other provisions that set forth the methods for complying with the criteria set forth in Section 1266.09
         (Ord. 8-13. Passed 5-14-13.)