For the purpose of this Zoning Code, terms or words used herein shall be interpreted according to this Section. In the case of a discrepancy in meaning or implication between the text of this Code and any illustration or caption, the text shall control.
   (a)   The word "shall" signifies a mandatory requirement, one that is not discretionary; the word "may" signifies a permissive or discretionary requirement; and the word "should" is a preferred requirement.
   (b)   The word "building" includes the word "structure."
   (c)   The word "person" includes a firm, association, organization, partnership, trust, company, corporation, or similar entity, as well as an individual.
   (d)   The words "used" and "occupied" include the words "arranged, designed, constructed, altered, or intended to be used."
   (e)   The word "lot" includes the words "plot" and "parcel."
   (f)   BZA shall mean Board of Zoning Appeals.
   (g)   The words "the Commission" or "Planning Commission" shall mean the Carlisle  Planning Commission
   (h)   The word "Carlisle" shall mean the Municipality of Carlisle, Ohio.
   (i)   The words "Zoning Code" shall mean the Zoning Code of Carlisle Ohio. 
   (j)   ORC shall mean the Ohio Revised Code.  This Zoning Code cites specific code sections from the ORC, and while these code sections may change after the adoption of this Zoning Code, the intent of these referenced sections shall remain.
   (k)   The present tense includes the future tense, the singular number includes the plural, and the plural number includes the singular.
   (l)   Whenever a number of days are specified, days shall mean calendar days unless specifically noted otherwise.
      (Ord. 8-13. Passed 5-14-13.)