1228.06  EASEMENTS.
   (a)   Easements for utilities shall be provided. Such easements shall have a minimum width of fifteen feet. Where located along interior lot lines, one-half of the width shall be taken from each lot. Before determining the location of easements, the plan shall be discussed with local utility companies to ensure proper placement for the installation of services. Slope easements shall be provided when required by the Planning Commission.
   (b)   Easements of adequate width shall be provided for all streams and drainage channels.
   (c)   All underground public utility lines, wires, cables, conduits, vaults, laterals, pipes, mains, valves and other similar distributing equipment shall be placed within easements or dedicated public ways in such a manner as not to conflict with any other underground service previously installed. (Ord. 9-76.  Passed 9-9-76.)