A final plat shall be provided by a subdivider and shall meet the following specifications:
   (a)   The final plat may not necessarily include the entire approved preliminary plat. However, the subdivider, in such case, shall provide copies of the approved preliminary plat marked to show the outline of the section or area for which final plat approval is being requested.
   (b)   The original drawing of the final plat shall be made on a permanent reproducible medium, in black waterproof India ink, to a scale of 100 feet to one inch and upon one or more sheets not larger than twenty-four inches by thirty-eight inches.
   (c)   With the original of the final plat, the subdivider shall submit one permanent-type reproducible copy (mylar or other suitable medium) and four blue-line or black-line prints. Upon the recording of any plat, the subdivider shall furnish two prints of the recorded plat showing the date, plat book and page, etc., as recorded.
   (d)   All dimensions shall be shown in feet and decimals of a foot.
   (e)   Each plat, shall have a suitable, prominently lettered title and border line placed with a margin of not less than one-half inch on all sides.
   (f)   All surveys for a final plat shall be made under the active and personal direction of a professional surveyor registered in the State.
   (g)   The following basic information shall be shown on the final plat:
      (1)   The name of the subdivision;
      (2)   Accurate boundary lines, with dimensions and bearings or angles, which provide a survey of the tract, closing with an error of closure of not more than one foot in 10,000 feet, thereafter adjusted to close precisely;
      (3)   Accurate distances and directions to the nearest established street corner or official monument, with reference corners accurately described on the final plat;
      (4)   Accurate locations of all existing and recorded streets intersecting the boundaries of the plat;
      (5)   All data which are necessary for an accurate metes and bounds legal description of the property included, with the area shown to the nearest 1/1000 of an acre;
      (6)   The right-of-way line of streets, easements and other rights of way, and property lines of lots and other tracts, with accurate dimensions, bearings and curve data, including radii, arcs, lengths, points of tangency and central angles;
      (7)   The name and right-of-way width for each .street or other right of way;
      (8)   The location, dimensions and purpose of any easement shown by light, dashed lines;
      (9)   The number to identify each lot or site, using lot numbers designated by the County Auditor, where the Auditor has such designation;
      (10)   The purpose for which sites, other than residential lots, are dedicated or reserved, such as for parks, retarding basins, floodways, etc.;
      (11)   The building set-back or front yard lines and dimensions;
      (12)   The location, type and material of monuments and lot markers;
      (13)   The name of the owner adopting the plat, with the owners signature properly notarized;
      (14)   Deeds or acknowledgments, protective covenants of restrictions, and statements of dedication of streets or roadways, personally signed by the owner and duly notarized. Mortgage releases shall be provided for all dedicated streets or public areas where subdivided land is mortgaged and shall be of record when the plat is approved by Council. Where restrictions and protective covenants become of considerable length, they may be filed on a separate instrument with reference on the plat indicating the book and page number where the instrument is recorded.
      (15)   Names of the recorded owners of adjoining unplatted land, shown by medium, dashed lines;
      (16)   A reference to recorded subdivision plats of adjoining platted land by recorded name, plat book and page, shown by medium, dashed lines;
      (17)   The title, north arrow, scale and date;
      (18)   Certification by the registered surveyor, with the registration number and seal affixed to all documents of the final plat;
      (19)   Certification by the registered surveyor or registered professional engineer, stating that all lot dimensions and areas conform to the requirements of the zoning district in which the plat is located;
      (20)   A deed of dedication of all public areas;
      (21)   A certificate for approval by the Zoning Inspector;
      (22)   A certificate for approval by the Municipal Engineer;
      (23)   A certificate for approval by the Planning Commission;
      (24)   A certificate for approval by Council;
      (25)   A certificate for approval by the County Department of Health; and
      (26)   Where numerous existing lots are being replatted, the title reference plat, showing the new lots in solid lines superimposed over the old lots shown in short, dashed lines, shall accompany the record plat, for recording purposes.
         (Ord. 9-76. Passed 9-9-76.)