1224.05  CONTENTS.
   (a)   The preliminary plat submission shall include a general location map and the preliminary plat of the subdivision with all pertinent data.
   (b)   The location map shall be drawn on a scale not smaller than 400 feet per inch, may be prepared either on a separate or on the same sheet with the plat and shall include the following:
      (1)   Boundaries of the proposed subdivision, indicated by a heavy line;
      (2)   Present or projected thoroughfares related to the subdivision; and
      (3)   The title, scale, north arrow, County, Township and range lines, etc.
   (c)   The preliminary plat shall be drawn on a scale not smaller than 100 feet to, one inch and shall show the following:
      (1)   The name of the proposed subdivision and its location;
      (2)   Names and addresses of the owner, subdivider and the planner, land planning consultant, engineer or registered land surveyor who prepared the plat;
      (3)   Streets and rights of way adjoining and on the site of the proposed subdivision showing street names and including roadway widths, approximate gradients, types and width of pavement, curbs, planting strips and other pertinent data;
      (4)   All lot lines adjacent to and abutting the subdivision;
      (5)   The layout of lots, showing approximate dimensions, lot numbers and centerline radii of streets;
      (6)   Parcels of land proposed to be dedicated or reserved for schools, parks, playgrounds or other public, semipublic or community purposes;
      (7)   Easements, existing and proposed, showing their location, width and purpose;
      (8)   The building set-back or front yard lines and dimensions;
      (9)   The location and size of the nearest water main, sewer outlet and other pertinent utilities;
      (10)   The location, type and approximate size of utilities to be installed;
      (11)   Tract boundary lines, showing dimensions, bearings, angles and reference to known land lines;
      (12)   Contours at vertical intervals of two feet if the general slope of the site is less than sixteen percent, and at vertical intervals of five feet if the general slope is sixteen percent or greater;
      (13)   Tree masses and all individual trees having a diameter of twelve inches or greater, if required by the Planning Commission;
      (14)   The location of existing structures;
      (15)   A preliminary outline of the deed restrictions and covenants that would be placed upon the subdivision;
      (16)   Landscaping plans and proposed limits on the location and intensity of signs, advertising and off-street parking, in the case of a proposed subdivision for industrial or commercial use; and
      (17)   The location of swales, ditches and storm sewers, showing the direction of flow and the general overall drainage pattern, with particular attention to points of inflow into the area and points of discharge.
         (Ord. 9-76. Passed 9-9-76.)