(a)   Approval of a preliminary plat shall be effective for one year from the date of approval, and such approval may, at the option of the Planning Commission and upon request of the applicant, be renewed for one additional year. If construction plans and specifications and a final plat are not submitted for at least a reasonable section of such plat within the second year, the approval shall be deemed to have expired.
   (b)   Where a portion of the land shown on a preliminary plat has been developed and platted, the approval of the remainder of the preliminary plat shall be deemed in effect for one year from the date Council approves the final plat, and unless plans and plats for additional sections are submitted prior to expiration of the one-year period, the preliminary plat approval shall be deemed to have lapsed. The submission of such plans or plats for approval shall extend the approval for one additional year.
(Ord. 9-76. Passed 9-9-76.)