(a)   The Zoning Inspector shall keep one copy of the application for approval of a preliminary plat, together with such copies of the preliminary plat as he or she deems necessary, and either forward or request the subdivider to forward copies of the plat to the various departments and agencies which will review such plat, including the Municipal Engineer and the County Health Department.
   (b)   Two copies of the preliminary plat shall be retained by the Planning Commission for review, and, after having been reviewed by the Commission, both copies shall be identically noted in colored pencil or ink to show all required or recommended changes or corrections as of the date of review, including adopted recommendations or suggestions submitted by the County Health Department, the Municipal Engineer or any other agency.
   One such copy shall be returned to the subdivider or his or her agent by the Zoning Inspector, together with a letter either approving or disapproving the application, with reasons provided, or, where changes or corrections are minimal, the Commission may give a conditional approval, stating that the plat is approved subject to compliance with certain requirements, which requirements shall be set forth in such letter.
   Where it appears that, for any reason, conditions do not warrant either complete approval or conditional approval, the preliminary plat shall be returned to the developer or his or her agent setting forth reasons for disapproval. The plat, revised and corrected, may be resubmitted within one year without payment of an additional application fee.
(Ord. 9-76. Passed 9-9-76.)