(a)   An owner or developer shall make written application for the approval of any plat or subdivision, submitted in triplicate, together with at least four copies of the preliminary plat, and make payment of the filing fee, at least fourteen days prior to any meeting of the Planning Commission at which a review is desired. The filing fee shall be in an amount, as determined by resolution of Council, to meet such costs as may be involved in reviewing plans, publishing notices, notifying concerned persons and conducting required public hearings. The fee shall be paid to the Municipality and deposited in the General Fund.
   (b)   The Zoning Inspector shall file one copy of the receipted application with the Clerk of Council and receipt the remaining two copies, one of which shall be attached to the preliminary plat. The subdivider shall keep the third receipted copy as proof of payment.
(Ord. 9-76. Passed 9-9-76.)