(a)   Approval of a minor subdivision without a plat may be granted by the Manager if the proposed division of a parcel of land meets all of the following requirements:
      (1)   The proposed subdivision is located along an existing public street and does not involve opening, widening or extending any street.
      (2)   Not more than five lots or parcels less than five acres in size are involved after the original tract has been completely subdivided.  An original tract shall be considered to have been completely subdivided when all of lots created as a result of any division are less than five acres.
      (3)   The proposed subdivision is not contrary to applicable subdivision or zoning regulations.  Administrative approval shall not be granted if any variance from either the Zoning Code or these Subdivision Regulations is requested.  Variances to these Subdivision Regulations may only be granted by Council, not the Manager, upon written recommendation of the Planning Commission, and variances to the Zoning Code may only be granted by the Board of Zoning Appeals.
Council, upon written recommendation of the Planning Commission, has the authority and responsibility to apply any pertinent provision of these Subdivision Regulations in the interest of public benefit, as stated in these Subdivision Regulations.  This means that a request for a minor subdivision may be properly denied and a record subdivision plat may be required in order for the proposed subdivision not to be contrary to any applicable provision of these Subdivision Regulations.
   (b)   The Manager shall, within seven working days after submission, take action upon such proposed division.  If the proposed division is acceptable, a conveyance for such parcel shall be presented to the Manager who shall sign the conveyance and stamp it “Approved by the Carlisle Manager:  No plat required.”
   (c)   The application for a minor subdivision shall include the following:
      (1)   A completed application form;
      (2)   A metes and bounds legal description for each lot being created;
      (3)   A survey plat which conforms to the standards and requirements of the County Tax Map Department; and
      (4)   The proper fees as required in Section 1262.13.
   (d)   Whenever a minor subdivision abuts a public street designated in the Official Thoroughfare Plan for the Municipality, the subdivider shall be required to grant all applicable easements or dedications to the appropriate governmental jurisdiction.  Such easements or dedications shall be the required amount of right-of-way specified in the Official Thoroughfare Plan for the Municipality and shall be measured from the centerline of the public street.
(Ord. 1-88.  Passed 1-11-88; Ord. 3-95.  Passed 1-24-95; Ord. 15-98.  Passed 5-12-98.)